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Updated August 2004

This section, opened in January 2003, has only one simple purpose: to collect in a single, easy to peruse location, all those essays that cover some "general" aspects, and are not specifically 'advanced searching' related. It is in fact a known truth, that many newbies (inexpertienced web-users) lack the BASICAL know-how in order to make use of the wealth of information contained in this site (and in many other sites).
Like it or not, take it as a medecine: consider the essays collected here as a MUST reading, in order to get further on the wondrous and magical searching wizardry. Any feedback / correction / suggestion for inclusion is welcome.


Basic help essays

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  • Windows cleaning Tips, "Common knowledge tips" by FiatLux, February 2000.
  • Surfing with the Proxomitron, by AnonyMouse, November 2001.
  • [whazzat.htm]: whazzat internet thingy, then? by _dose, May 2002.
    An essay on the fabric of the Internet that every reverser should read. And re-read.
  • [tipstolinux.htm]: Tips and instructions to people wanting to switch to GNU-Linux
    "I am writing this article to teach ordinary people what to do and NOT DO if they want to switch to Linux"
    by Angela Natiash, January 2003.
  • [ar1essay.htm]: The "index +of" seekers' trick (some web-searching knowledge, worked out and folded toghether)
    by ~S~ aapje & ~S~ ritz, september 2002, part of the [essays].
    "This query is used to find so called "open directories", by searching for certain standard-keywords that almost always appear in the server-generated pages of such directories..."
  • [london/lea2tra.htm]: Learning to transform questions into effective queries
    by fravia+, September 2003, part of the [Essays], and of the [evaluation] section.
  • [proxopro_1.html]: Oncle Faf goes inside proxomitron
    by IlFaf, June 2004,
    Part of the essays.htm & evaluate sections.

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