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Universal conjugators 

This section is still a proof of concept, hence, of course, in fieri.
Please, by all means, give your suggestions and feedback, so that we can add more stuff


Webster's Online Dictionary "The Rosetta Edition"

An incredible online dictionary/pictionary/translator
"The Rosetta Edition"
By all means, do SCROLL DOWN your results after having searched. And then scroll down some more :-)


Roget's Thesaurus (synonims galore)

Collins Word exchange

Example (mobbing):
(Should the collins form refuse to work, just use this URL address http://www.collins.co.uk/wordexchange/Sections/DicSrchRsult.aspx?word=
adding the term you'r searching for)

Merriam-Webster Dictionaries on line
(Poor quality & advertisements infested, use Merriam-Webster's rosetta edition above instead)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

Example (substitute "sweet+potato" with whatever):

Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary
Another online dictionary, containing over 40,000 entries, based on the Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English

Look up a word:  
  contains   starts with    ends with whole word
Search: word definition
  thesaurus usage notes


"On dit d'un mauvais traducteur, qu'il fait sa traduction à coups de Dictionnaire"

The Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL)

Simultaneously query Jean Nicot's Thresor de la langue française (1606) and the Dictionnaire de L'Académie française 1st (1694), 5th (1798), and 6th (1835) editions


Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, 8e édition

A very good dictionary: visit it and click on Menu principal. Then go for either "Chercher dans le dictionnaire" or "Lancer une recherche"
You'll receive a session number which will allow you to search and also memorize the history of your queries. It's a real pity that the program imposes such bazar and does not allow direct simple queries of the dictionary.

Le Trésor de la Langue Française Informatisé
Slightly different script than the previous one, alas -when you visit it- the interface is even more appalling than the previous one. Here too, you'll receive a session number which will allow you to search and also memorize the history of your queries.

CNRS - Université de Caen: synonymes

Use cookies. Offers also a "Classement complet des synonymes, détail des sens macroscopiques (composantes connexes) et microscopiques (cliques)" of the term you will search.

Le Conjugueur (private php script by Brewalan Le Drû)
"Le dictionnaire interne comporte environ 8000 verbes différents ce qui est plus que le nombre de verbes utilisés chaque jour dans toutes les conversations"


Online DWB
http://germa83.uni-trier.de/DWB/welcome.htm: DWB (Grimm's Woerterbuch) im Internet
Site very slow: overbloated with _javascript nonsense "hidden" behind the entrance at http://www.dwb.uni-trier.de/index.html.
Habt Geduld... it will eventually kick in.
Grimm's search form

Leipziger Uni Wortschatz
Alle Achtung!
Großschreibung beachten


http://www.sanseido.net/: Sanseido Japanese Web Dictionary


"Traduttore traditore"

TLIO (Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini). In fieri, (only A-C completed) but a VERY good italian dictionary! 

Here the link to the 'www.sapere.it' (De Agostini) Vocabolario italiano:

Idem, 'www.sapere.it' (De Agostini) sinonimi e contrari:

    sinonimi   contrari

Idem, 'www.sapere.it' (De Agostini) Termini italiani nel loro contesto
(& similia, et ab hic et ab hoc, & enciclopedie...)

red  http://vocabolario.biblio.cribecu.sns.it/Vocabolario/html/_s_ric_lem.html
"Vocabolario della crusca" (the italian linguistic academy), use the form below, but after your first search you'll have to click once more on "mostra" (they seem to love having people clicking around):
Modalità di ricerca:  

red  Dizionario etimologico on line
(versione web del Vocabolario Etimologico della Lingua Italiana di Ottorino Pianigiani)


Ricerca etimologica:  


http://tradu.scig.uniovi.es/busca.html (Oviedo)
Example: http://diccionarios.elmundo.es/diccionarios/cgi/lee_diccionario.html?busca=buscar&diccionario=1

http://www.rae.es/ (Real Academia), more appropriately: http://buscon.rae.es/diccionario/drae.htm

Escriba la palabra que desea consultar:

DICCIONARIO PANHISPÁNICO DE DUDAS - Primera edición (octubre 2005)
  Escriba la palabra o tema  objeto de su consulta*    

  * Para obtener resultados, la palabra o tema buscados deben coincidir con el lema de alguno de los artículos contenidos en el diccionario, por lo que se recomienda seguir al máximo las orientaciones para la búsqueda.

Universal Conjugators 

Universal Conjugator
(at Logos/Verba, GNU licensed)
Query -say- "andare" and then click on -say- "fummo andati" to see the context.
(or enter "fummo andati" to find the verb)
Query -say- "stehen" and then click on -say- "standt" to see the context.
(or enter "standt" to find the verb)

Another one at ultralingua.net
(English, French, Spanish, German, Italian & Portuguese)

Enter a verb infinitive

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