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I have prepared a FAKE page about Napoleonic battles
Can you discerne the 'phony single particularity'?

Evaluation lore: Austerlitz
"Non tutto e' oro quel che luccica"
by fravia+
Ideated: 2 December 2001 ~ Thought as an evaluation lore and as a present for GoW working on Xmas

Evaluation lore: Austerlitz

Austerlitz December 2, 1805
The web can trick you into believing things that are NOT real, exactly as Napoleon did at Austerlitz. This page is a demonstration that you should always take cum grano salis what you find 'on the terrain'.

Here I put together a FAKE 'complex' page examining the Austerlitz battle, one of the most interesting tactical /strategical exploits you may come across, btw.
Can you discerne the 'phony single particularity' somewhere there?

Note that the page is, as immodestly as I can judge, the best page about the Austerlitz battle you can find on the web today. It would be of real didactical value, for instance for anybody bound to do a classroom assignement... where not for that single phony blunder :-)
Yep, I kept it relatively easy to find... if you want a slightly less easy task: can you -once you have found the bogus point- then further 'restitute' or re-evaluate the 'truth' in order to RECONSTRUCT the real data out of the fake? (Which implies knowing how to search the web for images and data... eheh :-)

+G: Had they had a reverser at Austerlitz, Napoleon's plan would not have worked!
F+: Actually a reverser was there: Napoleon himself!

Be warned: Your first study of these battles around Austerlitz 195 years ago, can be a daunting task. For an experienced reverser, several hours will be consumed studying the battlefield descriptions and the troops present on those hills before even putting pen to paper an answer.
Nota bene:
You will NOT find my maps and my detailed data anywhere else on the web (unless they will be copied from here), so do not even try it.
The texts and map data are (99,9% PERFECTLY CORRECT), note that if you were a napoleonic freak, you could use them MUCH better than the maps you can/could find on the web in order to re-build the Austerlitz scenario.
Anyway you are not compelled to be a Napoleonic freak. You should just point out (the quicker the better) the 0,1% 'uncorrectness' that shows out like a tarantula on a wedding suit :-)
You wanted something to do for those long Xmas eves at work GoW?

red fravia+, 2 december 2001 (+196 years)