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Searchers after forbidden knowledge haunt strange, far places, falter down black cobwebbed steps beneath the scattered stones of forgotten sites. The haunted pages and the desolate texts are their shrines, and they linger around the sinister javascripts on uninhabited servers. At times the dark elements of strength, solitude, grotesqueness and ignorance combine to form the perfection of the hideous.
In some places of the web have dwelt generations of strange people, whose like the world has never seen. Seized with a gloomy and fanatical belief which exiled them from their kind, their ancestors sought the web-wilderness for freedom. There the scions of a conquering race indeed flourished free...

Well, ahem... on a real ~S~ site a small (sortof) "riddle" is imho necessary and welcome (per angusta ad augusta). I sincerely hope you'll have quite a difficult task :-) trying to fetch my own "dark" and "light" essays...
~S~ fravia+, September 2000

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(c) 2000: [fravia+], all rights reserved

1. Nachtrag: 30 September 2000
In the meantime my fellow seekers have worked wonders in a few days (see this messageboard, for instance, where dan almost hit the first nail... which means either that my riddles are poor, compared to those of the older ones :-( or that what we have learned together here and elsewhere is truly powerful :-)

2. Nachtrag: 31 October 2000
In the meantime my fellow seekers have worked more wonders see this new, ad hoc messageboard, for instance, even if I believe that a 'dedicated' messageboard is a little too much for my poor riddle (and anyway imo the solving of a riddle is almost always a personal 'satori' exsperience, seldom a cooperative endeavour... but I admit, of course, that collective work can give truly powerful results :-)

3. Nachtrag: 26 April 2001
My fellow seekers have worked mighty wonders everywhere and on the ad hoc messageboard, where they went to long ways in order to find all kind of results, some of them quite useful for general searching and seeking purposes (as anyone that will peruse the old threads will quickly realize). Things changed the very moment WayOutThere deduced an almost complete solution of the riddle (some important points are still missing, but it is amazing how much has been found out with so few and in part purposedly confused hints).

WayOutThere's approach
(don't read it if you want to solve the riddle on your own)


Essay (July 2001):
Out of Finsterniss into the Light: [ridd_wot.htm], with a first [comment] by vvf

Therefore I will now begin the 'shift' towards the new approaches à la 'Colored scrolls' and 'Precious item' (see above) that have been discussed a week ago at the ebenezer meeting eheh...

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