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Entering a rough sea

first published at searchlores in July 2004

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It took almost TWO YEARS to solve this small riddle (thoughts' solution and SPOILER)

Entering a rough sea 
(July 2004)

I'll leave -on holydays- for 6 weeks, I'll probably encounter very rough sea, for many reasons, and I thought that this small (and relatively easy) "images related" riddle would/could be of some interest for the able seekers that hover around our [board]

In fact images searching is still more an improvised art than a established lore, and this kind of riddles may -I believe- shed some light on the techniques we may enjoy knowing about :-)

Yet with images riddles, one never knows. Some are harder, some easier. It all depends from the 'lateral cut' when searching, I suppose.

Well... who? where? and when? painted the above depicted (in black and white) image?
Can you (relatively quickly) find the same in colors on the web? How... that is: using which methods, arrows, helpers, aids?

This is a easy one, he: Just look at the image.
Caveat: Readers and Seekers THAT ALREADY HAPPEN TO KNOW THE SOLUTION, and do not have to search for it using ONLY the data given on this very page are -of course- prohibited to participate. They (and ONLY they) may solve another nice riddle instead.

Signing off in mid-July 2004, see you all in September!

~S~ "thoughts' solution and SPOILER 
(End April 2006)

It is interesting to note how a "persistent" seeker our friend thoughts was from the beginning. He never gave up and finally found the solution. Read the following only if you want a spoiler, instead of solving yourself the interesting riddle. Or read it if you give up and admit that after all you are not a very good seeker :-)

the following

Petit image

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