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Holy Holydays!

first published at searchlores in June 2006

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A small riddle for a hot sommer

Holy Holydays! 
(June 2006)

I'll soon leave -on holydays- and I'll rarely update until September, and I hope that this small (and relatively easy) "images related" riddle would/could be of some interest for the able seekers that hover around our [board]

In fact images searching is still more an improvised art than a established lore, and this kind of riddles may -I believe- shed some light on the techniques we may enjoy knowing about :-)

Yet with images riddles, one never knows. Some are harder, some easier. It all depends from the 'lateral cut' when searching, I suppose.

This "where/what/when..." kind of riddle presents, I believe, an image that should be relatively easy to find on the web, despite the slight modifications I have apported to it.
Caveat: Readers and Seekers THAT ALREADY HAPPEN TO KNOW THE SOLUTION, and therefore do not need to search for it using ONLY the (many) hints given on this very page are -of course- prohibited to participate. With image searching tasks, there's always bound to be someone, somewhere, that already knows the wherewhatwhen of it.
Such fortunate readers (and everyone who cares) might solve instead another nice image riddle.

Signing off for end-June 2006, see you all back again in September!

Until september readers are invited to send essays, comments, additions and critics to this site in c:c to my searchloreans mates.

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