®H->>>————>•     _                          _         _  •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•    /®\_______            _____/|   _____/|  •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•   /®®S®®®®®®®\          /®®®®®/   /®®®®®/   •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•  |®/|T|¯¯¯¯¯\T\        |®/|G|¯   |®/|T|¯    •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•   ¯ |E|     |H|         ¯ |I|     ¯ |H|     •<————<<<-H®
®H   ______      |A|     /E/           |V| __    |E|               H®
®H  _\_\_\_\_____|L|____/®/____________|E|/_®\ __|®|__________|\   H®
®H  >))))))))))))|®®®®®®®<)))))))))))))|®|/)\®\)/|®|))))))))))))>  H®
®H  ¯/¯/¯/¯/¯¯¯¯¯|F|¯¯¯¯\®\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|®|¯¯¯\®¯/|P|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|/   H®
®H   ¯¯¯¯¯¯      |R|     \R\           |T|    ¯¯ |O|               H®
®H->>>————>•     |O|  _   \I\    _     |O|  _    |O|  _  •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•    _|M|_/|    \C\  /|    _|®|_/|   _|R|_/|  •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•   /®®®®®/      \H\/®|   /®®®®®/   /®®®®®/   •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•  |®/¯¯¯¯        \®®/   |®/¯¯¯¯   |®/¯¯¯¯    •<————<<<-H®
®H->>>————>•  ¯¯     Robin    ¯¯ ¤  ¯¯  Hood  ¯¯      ¤  •<————<<<-H®

Hunting The Net
The Hunting Lesson Overview


Courtesy of Fravia's searchlores.org
Portions of these Hunting Lessons have
been based on the original works by fravia+
as well as private instruction from +ORC.

—>>>—————> Introduction <—————<<<—

I think it's fairly obvious to everyone that fravia+ has enough work on his hands with this site and his time is much better spent with software analyzing and +HCU matters. I'm neither a +Reverser nor member of any group but out of respect and repayment for all I've learned here, I've picked up the gauntlet to "work well" and building upon fravia+'s original texts I created these hunting lessons for all.

The ability to find the things you seek is of the greatest importance and long before you ever become a great reverser you must learn to hunt fairly well. Before the introduction of +ORC lesson packs by +gthorne, part of the original challenge for completing the lessons was in finding both the targets and the tools. Though there are some great hunters that are poor reversers, there are no great reversers that are poor hunters. It's a necessary skill set for anyone serious about self-edification.

Most people surf the net as point and click lemmings on their way to their last bath. Their idle fascination with flashy sites prevents them from effectively finding anything and slow connections combined with bloated sites dooms these poor people to their watery graves of ignorance. Others think they are searching the net through using a few web engines but they are merely running under false assumptions of effective direction. There are also a rare few who truly know how to hunt the net and most of them have spent many hours searching on the topic of searching in order to learn their art.

—>>>—————> Stratagem <—————<<<—

Reversing, hacking and hunting, as well as most undernet endeavors and disciplines, constantly interact and overlap such that their definitions become a bit blurred around the edges. The most notable common denominator they share is that they are all "attacks" of some form or another and all of them require skill, study, tenacity and a certain zen approach.

Before you decide the "How" of your approach you first need to decide the "What" of your search. Are you gathering information? Stalking someone? Looking for a file? a crack? a program? Knowing what you are searching for defines the way you go about your hunt but there are some basics that apply to most all hunts.

  1. Use pure text when ever possible.
  2. Always use lower case search strings.
  3. Always use dates limits in your search.
  4. Always run searches through multiple engines.
  5. Always use logical operators when they are available.
  6. Keep your privacy by either using the search engines remotely or by browsing anonymously!

—>>>—————> Hunting Lessons <—————<<<—
—>>>—————> Outline <—————<<<—

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