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Published in February 2004, Updated in April 2005

Enemy tracking

Stalking trough images

The ban of modern digital cameras 

Try searching for images using an arrow like img_0022.jpg or, as Jeff pointed out some days ago on one of ours messageboards, use img_1449.jpg instead.

Canon ixus uses that kind of file naming (http://www2.goldfisch.at/knowledge/245). A DV camera, on the other hand, would name everything DVxxxxx, where x is a digit, not a description of what you shoot.

But we are not yet finished... as e pointed out, not only it is, which such a name, a Canon picture but it has been uploaded by means of direct tapping of the memory card into Windows, not through the Zoombrowser program that comes with the camera. The Zoombrowser converts the file name from
IMG_xxxx.JPG (living in folders of the serially numbered format %%%CANON on the CF card)
into another format,
which is another kind of serial number, living in date-formatted folders on the HD.

Each digital camera has it's own naming convention. For example, a Minolta Z1 baptizes all pictures PICTXXXX.JPG (XXXX = consecutive ascending numbers), so if you search for PICT0022.JPG or for PICT1449.JPG (respecting Jeff's original finding), you will find (a lot of) MINOLTA pictures on the web.

Now, I hear you all cry loud, "why should we care?"

Because you can use this for STALKING purposes...

As DQ pointed out: Just have a look at the EXIF data from the jpg file.
Some cameras have a watermarking feature which is quite nice for stalking purposes.
If you were so silly to enter your name into the firmware of the Canon camera, for instance, all fotos taken with it will carry your name, unless (what you should do in that case) you reformat the fotos or strip the EXIF data away.

And, as Jeff pointed out, those automatic filenames give up alot in some cases... One example:
***** ANSI SECTION ***** 

00000006: JFIF 
00000017: DExif 
000000A4: Canon 
000000AA: Canon PowerShot A100 
000000CF: ACD Systems Digital Imaging 
000000EB: 2004: 
000000F3: :07 16: 
00000121: 0210 
000001D5: 0100 
00000295: 2004: 
0000029D: :06 16: 
000002A9: 2004: 
000002B1: :06 16: 
00000439: :PowerShot A100 JPEG 
00000455: Firmware Version 1. 
000005C9: 0100 
00000619: Exif 
00000669: ACD Systems Digital Imaging 
00000685: 2004: 
0000068D: :07 16: 
000006A3: 0210 
000006F1: 0100
Canon Powershot A100; taken on the 6th; Firmware 1; - no watermarks in photoshop; no names in properties
Now you know what and how to look for things, in any OTHER automated named images...

As always, on the deep deep web, nomen est omen :-)


This will be transformed into a full-fledged essay when our readers will provide some invaluable feedback.
Like-minded souls are encouraged to send further discoveries to the addresses of the responsibles, listed elsewhere on this site. There are MANY digital cameras, it would be interesting if we could gather here all formats... in order to use them as stalking arrows...

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