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True colors are at colocode.htm... you can easily deduce all possible combinations knowing that...
000000 is BLACK ~ FF0000 is RED ~ 00FF00 is GREEN ~ 0000FF is BLUE ~ FFFFFF is WHITE

~ See below the colors for our future scrolls ~
aliceblue  F0F8FF  antiquewhite  FAEBD7  aqua  00FFFF  aquamarine  7FFFD4 
azure  F0FFFF  beige  F5F5DC  bisque  FFE4C4  blanchedalmond  FFEBCD 
blue  0000FF  blueviolet  8A2BE2  brown  A52A2A  burlywood  DEB887 
cadetblue  5F9EA0  chartreuse  7FFF00  chocolate  D2691E  coral  FF7F50 
cornflowerblue  6495ED  cornsilk  FFF8DC  crimson  DC143C  cyan  00FFFF 
darkblue  00008B  darkcyan  008B8B  darkgoldenrod  B8860B  darkgray  A9A9A9 
darkgreen  006400  darkkhaki  BDB76B  darkmagenta  8B008B  darkolivegreen  556B2F 
darkorange  FF8C00  darkorchid  9932CC  darksalmon  E9967A  darkseagreen  DA0EEE 
darkslateblue  483D8B  darkslategray  2F4F4F  darkturquoise  00CED1  darkviolet  9400D3 
deeppink  FF1493  deepskyblue  00BFFF  dimgray  696969  dodgerblue  1E90FF 
firebrick  B22222  forestgreen  228B22  fuchsia  FF00FF  fraviadew  C6E7C6 
gainsboro  DCDCDC  ghostwhite  0000E0  gold  FFD700  goldenrod  DAA520 
gray  808080  green  008000  honeydew  F0FFF0  hotpink  FF69B4 
indianred  CD5C5C  indigo  4B0082  ivory  FFFFF0  khaki  F0E68C 
lavender  E6E6FA  lavenderblush  FFF0F5  lawngreen  7CFC00  lemonchiffon  FFFACD 
lightblue  ADD8E6  lightcoral  F08080  lightcyan  E0FFFF  lightgoldenrod  FAFAD2 
lightgreen  90EE90  lightgray  0000A0  lightpink  FFB6C1  lightsalmon  FFA07A 
lightseagreen  20B2AA  lightskyblue  87CEFA  lightstategray  0000E0  lightsteelblue  B0C4DE 
lightyellow  FFFFE0  lime  00FF00  limegreen  32CD32  linen  FAF0E6 
magenta  FF00FF  maroon  800000  mediumaquamarine  66CDAA  mediumblue  0000CD 
mediumorchid  0E00AC  mediumpurple  9370DB  mediumseagreen  3CB371  mediumslateblue  7B68EE 
mediumspringgreen  00FA9A  mediumvioletred  C71585  midnightblue  191970  mintcream  F5FFFA 
mistyrose  FFE4E1  moccasin  FFE4B5  navajowhite  FFDEAD  navy  000080 
oldlace  FDF5E6  olive  808000  olivedrab  6B8E23  orange  FFA500 
orangered  FF4500  orchid  DA70D6  palegoldenrod  EEE8AA  palegreen  98FB98 
paleturquoise  AFEEEE  palevioletred  DB7093  papayawhip  FFEFD5  peachpuff  FFDAB9 
peru  CD853F  pink  FFC0CB  plum  DDA0DD  powderblue  B0E0E6 
purple  800080  red  FF0000  rosybrown  BC8F8F  royalblue  4169E1 
saddlebrown  8B4513  salmon  FA8072  sandybrown  F4A460  seagreen  2E8B57 
seashell  FFF5EE  sienna  A0522D  silver  C0C0C0  skyblue  87CEEB 
stateblue  0AEBEE  stategray  0AE0A0  snow  FFFAFA  springgreen  00FF7F 
steelblue  4682B4  tan  D2B48C  teal  008080  thistle  D8BFD8 
tomato  FF6347  turquoise  40E0D0  violet  EE82EE  wheat  F5DEB3 
white  FFFFFF  whitesmoke  F5F5F5  yellow  FFFF00  yellowgreen  9ACD32 

~ the colors for our past, present and future [scrolls] ~
(This is just a proposition, don't take it too seriously :-)
darkslategray  2F4F4F DARK: ANONYM
Black and dark scrolls could be used for anonymizing purposes and pseudo-anonyme searches
indigo  4B0082 VIOLET: LOCAL
Indigo, violet and purple scrolls could be used for home pages and other micro-local combined (and very valuable) searches, maybe messageboards querying as well
Blue, turquoise and azure scrolls could be used as scrolls for querying the main search engines
Yellow and golden scrolls could be used as scrolls for querying all search engines of a given country or language
Ocra and sandy scrolls could be used for search engines that deal with specific programming searches or searches that deal with various technical and specific Internet lore. 'The linen scroll of php sites finding'
Reddish and orange scrolls could be used for ad hoc valuable searches that use various combing engines (usenet and main and local, for instance) for effective 'first shot' searches. 'The tomato scroll of mp3 searching' for instance.
mediumspringgreen  00FA9A GREEN: PEOPLE
Green, olive and lime scrolls could be reserved for stalking and luring and/or searches that regard people 'The chartreuse scroll for finding expert photographers'
Of course the 'minor' and 'major' distinction between scrolls could still be used accordingly to their 'completeness'. Hence a 'major' scroll of home pages searching would allow people to search simultaneously most home pages repositories, while a 'minor' scroll (like the indigo scroll), would allow only to query the most important ones (or a subset of the many existing ones). Alternatively we can just give the color names we like to our scrolls... Suggestions and comments are welcome, either at fravia(ALT+64)searchlores(DOT)org or at laurent(ALT+64)searchlores(DOT)org or else at DQ(ALT+64)searchlores(DOT)org

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