How to create PDF-Files from any application that allows printing

~ compatible with any OS that allows print-to-file and GhostScript ~

Ever wondered WHY there are so many PDF-Files around?
Well, my opinion is because they´re highly portable. From Atari to Irix, back to Mac, OS/2 and Amiga.
Check the tools for this little PDF-Creator and you´ll see....

This is a little tutorial on how to create and view PDF´s without any acrobat stuff :)

What you will need:

First, you need programs to interprete postscript (*.ps) and PDF-Files. Linux users already got it, others have to download it, anyway it´s ported to multiple OS.

You need Alladin or GNU Ghostscript and i recommend to get GSView too if you´re too lazy to type into terminals and check syntaxes cause all you need is convenience... You can obtain both programs at...

http://www.cs.wisc.ed u/~ghost/index.html

Descriptrion of the proggies:

What is GhostScript ?

Ghostscript is the name of a set of software that provides:

Alladin and GNU ghostscript run under different licenses, Alladin is newer than GNU and also covered by the Alladin free public license. No trials, no popups.

What is GSView?

GSview, a popular freely available MS Win and OS/2 screen previewer based on Ghostscript. It´s also useful for viewing LaTeX documents on Win-machines. No trials, no popups.

Let´s get it on....

Here´s the lazy way for win-user:

So you got GhostScript and GSView downloaded and installed, right? right!
Next you´ll need your winOS-CD to install a printer. Regard that you choose a PostScript-Printer, means any printer with PS or PostScript in the name. (doh)
As device, choose in the printersetup "FILE: Creates a file".

Now everytime you print over that "virtualreality-printer", a file will be created called *.PRN. This file can now be viewed with GSView.
Check the options/printer-tab of GSView. Here you choose as device "pdfwrite" and check the box "Print to File".
Now you got your own selbstgebackenen PDF-File.

Don´t forget to set in options the formats/colours to a higher bitrate as default, or you´ll get greyscale pictures.

It´s possible to have a reproduction that differs from whats printed if you selected different drivers for printer and print to file. just experiment a bit!
Another problem is that links dont work in those PDFs you create this way, but hey, GSView is a nice GPL-Tool. What did you expect, acrobats?