Reality Cracking: Maggots and fags
(cracking easy cigarettes protection schemes)

by +ORC

(27 January 1997) reality cracking
Reality cracking
Courtesy of fravia's page of reverse engineering
Well, +ORC received MrWho essay and this must have interested him so much, that he immediately sent me the following short essay, that I'm of course glad to publish as well

hope you'll get some more essays on what you call 'reality cracking' on your 
most beautiful site, here are some short notes of mine, I'll prepare something 
better as soon as I have more time. 


As anybody with a couple of eyes and a still working brain can easily notice, 
few things are more reality aliens that cigarettes commercials... 
I mean: all advertisement and commercials that you are bombarded with are
of course totally reality alien, but cigarettes commercials beat the rest of 
the lot in spades. 
Since the fags-producers are on (a well deserved) defensive, their generously 
founded self-promoting propaganda is particularly 'pushed' and their patterns 
are obvious: a good starting point for anyone interested in advertisement 
To study those patterns you should of course take notice of the various 
local 'geographical' situations:

In the States and states conquered countries:
There you have solitary cow-boys in the dusk, real men smoking a 
well-deserved fag before eating (uncomfortably) with other real men 
(no no women there, it's a macho-homo world). Big, strong, "free" men, 
the kind of guys that will not even discuss with you the possibility of 
non-smoking, their freedom expressed in the resolute, strong characters 
that do 'smoke' puffing freedom inside and outside their lungs (slumping 
beans and farting as well, but this you wont see nor hear :=)
So the calm lone smoker (beata solitudo) is here the Ipertraditional 
American pioneer and "freedom fighter", d'you really want to steal 
or, worse "regulate" his freedom away? Are you against freedom and 
American values or what?

In Germany and German conquered countries:
There you have smiling 'intello' guys, nice honest eyes, look: they do 
not 'renounce' to their 'right' to smoke. A real strong character 
mussen solche kluge raucher haben. Nice, clever, leftist types, 
that will not bow their heads to 'organized' illiberal trends. Nice 
looking, clever (they have spectacles, therefore they must be clever :=), 
socially integrated girls, too, that defend their right frei zu sein 
against 'conventional' no-smoking attitudes. Same lies than 
above, of course but here the fag-smokers and maggot lovers are not 
macho guys roaming ALONE in the countryside, taming horses and sleeping 
in the desert (there is not much countryside left in Europe nowadays 
and macho is considered 'poor class'), the happy smokers are here 
"social" fellows, always together 'with other people' a bunch of merrily 
puffing, socializing, good-looking, nice fellows that just happen to 
smoke... well, so what? Is it not an upright right they have? Are you 
against freedom of choice, against our tolerant european style 
of life, or what?

In the new slave easteuropean countries
Here there is no need for well-bred polite tricks: people have not 
developed any anti-advertisement defenses at all, they lived fifty 
years almost without the blessings of an all-present advertisement, 
to fool them into buying something useless (and plain nocive in this 
case) it's as easy as stealing bonbons from babies... fag-makers just 
use for such "easy ones" the good old plain tricks. See my boy: airplane 
pilots smoke, so you better smoke too if ou want to fly planes and 
have a nice travelling job (remember the old Rothmans fags advertisement 
in Europe, long ago? I do: A plane-pilot sleeve holding the Rothman 
fag box: blue and white and very BOAC). So it's easy: beati possidentes:
rich guys smoke, wanna be rich? Just need a bit of smoke into your lungs.
Western-type blokes, handsome, blonde-hair, 1.90 meter high, smoke like 
chimneys... so you better smoke too, exspecially if you want to forget 
your waiting in the rain at 4:00 am; soaked to the bones, awaiting an old 
bus for your morning trip to the stinky plastic toys fabric, where you'll 
work 10 hours to fetch your 15 dollars, to buy some good fags. 
You better smoke believe us, may be at the end of the process you'll get 
no cancer at all but a nice swimming pool instead. 

In the slave Asian countries
Same as above, but with a distinguished oriental 'taste'. Of course you 
don't even need to 'tell' those people to smoke, they do it automatically, 
have been conditioned this way from the beginning, and anyway they enjoy 
so much pollution in their cities at the moment that smoking wont really 
damage them all too much. So they really believe that smoking is in... 
so here the fag-producers and fag-sellers can concentrate more and more 
on how to conquer the small remaining untouched groups, like very young girls, 
very young boys, non working women, etceteras.

Talk shows = puffing shows
Limiting this first general examination of the advertisement ads 
themselves, you may take notice that in the countries where the
fags-advertisement have been (or will be) forbidden, the TV-serials have 
had an incredible increase of people smoking... and I mean "nice" 
looking people smoking. 
Hope you don't believe this is casual: NOTHING is casual in this awful 
society we are compelled to live in. This increase in 'smoking people' 
is a "countermeasure" that the fag-producers have started. It is of 
course very easy to crack . 
As you may imagine, there is absolutely no need at all, in a 15 minutes 
short typical talk show to smoke whatsoever, besides those idiots are 
so painted with the various 'telegenic' make up and powders, that any 
lip-contact, like smoking, risks to leave stains. 
Yet, despite this lack of any real smoking need, in those same 15 minutes 
you'll see increasingly more and more participants puffing the hell 
out of their fags... and this is also more and more the behavior of 
those obscene and completely fake "spectators" that sit behind, like 
nodding and listening zombies, during the talk.
This bogus message should represent for all slave-watchers a 'normal' 
and 'nice' ambiance... nobody should think that smoking is 'out' or 
reserved only to poor people and outcasts (as it de facto happens
to be nowadays).

The Camel river crossing
So, ok, there you are, free and alone on your nice open Landrover (the 
'short' version, note), somewhere on an isolated river crossing somewhere 
in Bongoland, puffing your fag. It's a sunny day and you have nothing to 
do (besides crossing the river). You're a man (of course) and you have 
a nice 'Indiana Jones' look (he smoke too, btw). 
Note also how all cigarettes in the ads are either UNSMOKED (you see 
the virgin packets with some fags already sorted out, ready to be 
taken) or AT THE VERY BEGINNING (the magic dusk moment of the "light 
one on"). As it seems they don't like to show ash-trades full of 
nicotine-soaked maggots, do they... as a matter of fact, came to 
think of it, they don't show ash-trades at all...  where do all those 
people turn their maggots off? Does the Marlboro cow-boy leave a 
snail trail of maggots all over Arizona?

Ok, ok, it's your sunny day on the river crossing, of course.
So you are not inside a stinking closed car inside a stinking queue of 
similar stinking useless cars, with your car-ash trade filled with maggots, 
with noisy clacksons all around you and a long day work before (or behind) 
you. So you are not sitting all day in your living room watching awful 
'morning slaves' TV-broadcasting because you don't know what to do with 
your day and yourself and you have no work at all. So you are not a young
student without perspectives (else than conforming and buying gadgets) 
whatsoever, without any hope to change a society that you KNOW should
not maim people's brains. So you smoke on your nice jeep. And then you  
throw your maggot in the river.

+ORC (and I haven't finished with this :=)
(c) 1998 +ORC All rights reversed
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