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Reversing Reality, a first stab
by IcE

Well, this is a subject that has been discussed by the most talented philosophs of humanity since the dawn of time... and it is yet scary matter... if you have followed (as you should) the lastest developments in Quanta based Microscopy, you would know that it is now possible to use the bizarre fact that an electron cannot be in a single location (you did give food to your Shroeder's cat lately, didn't you?) in order to 'transport' a (very) tiny "part" of the microscope on the 'other side' of the matter you are investigating... As a couple of great +crackers wrote to me some time ago "there are some sides of the reality of our own lifes that could learn quite a lot from the software we are cracking... how would it be with a "undo" button in your mind? Would you like to have a good disassembler for your dreams? And... even more important: what about a Life-Softice? CTRL+D and you could examine at once the very fabric of reality... :-)"
Well... enjoy this little 'first stab' at our emptiness... hope some good other biochemistry and sociological reversers will build on this, and let's thank IcE for having opened a small yet solid path avoiding the ever lurking huge risks (common to the whole 'reality cracking' affair) to fall into the 'weird-religious' or into the 'ideologically excessive'. Reality cracking is a matter of observation and knowledge, balance and wit (to avoid taking ourselves too seriously, a common disease).
Watch, work, send your findings...

Reversing Reality

An Essay from IcE

The purpose of this essay is to show that even reality itself can be reversed.

What is reality?

We all walk around in our little sense of reality. What really exists? This keyboard I type on? Maybe.

We are surrounded by matter. Everything including ourselves is composed of matter.

Matter is composed of atoms.

Atoms are mostly empty space. They are constructed of protons, electrons, and neutrons. These little packets of energy are composed of hundreds of subatomic particles. If we could enlarge the nucleus of a sodium atom to the size of a golf ball (not likely and pretty devastating as far as our local gravitational field is concerned) the outermost electron would lie about two miles away. There is a lot of empty space in an atom.

"How can that be?" you ask. "I can feel water, the table, etc." No you can't! What you feel is the similarity in the electric charge of the atoms in your body and the atoms in whatever it is you are touching. Like a magnet (another manifestation of energy), opposites attract and like charges repel. Think of the tremendous energy a nuclear weapon releases by forcing matter to tear itself apart. If you could find a way to liberate the energy in a glass of water (without expending more energy than you get out) the world would be a much better place (if the political suffocaters of humanity allowed it!).

Think about it! If you could control your own "polarity" so to speak, you could walk through walls, infiltrate your body and remove harmful tumors, the possibilities are endless. Or should I say impossibilities. Maybe not.

"But I can see that the table is solid!, you say in frustration. You perceive the table to be solid. In fact, "seen" what our "reality conditioning" has told us to see. That and a little evolutionary trick or two. The eye is nothing more than a very high frequency receiver tied to a pretty good (not great but pretty good) processor. Here the electromagnetic impulses are interpreted and transmitted to the conscious part of the processor. You say, "WHAT!" Our vision is based on the reception of photons (high frequency energy, there's that energy word again). Light energy (photons) reflect (bounce off) of the surface (the electromagnetic resistance field) of the table. Some of that energy makes it to our receivers (eyes). We perceive color ( or solidarity) because our eyes are trained (through countless eons of evolution) to discriminate between different frequencies of light. Someone told us, when we were children, that the frequency we were observing was red. So now in our reality, it's red. Our receivers are highly discriminate in the very narrow range they work in. Colors, textures, etc are what they are because we are taught that they are.

We live in a three dimensional world, correct? Maybe. Time is said to be the fourth dimension and is an invention of man. Do animals wear Rolex's? In a way. They (we) have a much more elegant clock called a biological clock. This clock doesn't have hands or numerals. It runs on life's energy so it doesn't need any other power source. What about a fifth or sixth dimension? Is there such a thing? "NO! Absolutely NOT!, you scream at me. "I know there cannot be any more dimensions because I can't see them", you say. That's exactly what someone that was born in a two dimensional universe would say about our reality. It is quite possible that we pass by other realities that exist in other dimensions every day without our knowledge of it. All because our evolution has defined our perception of reality (of course it is possible that the other dimensions don't exist. They are mathematically possible though).

We exist in a wonderfully diverse reality. The possibilities are endless. When you read a book, sip a fine wine, crack a protection scheme, caress your lover, you are interacting in your reality. Your reference frame is unique to you and you alone. Open your eyes and enjoy your reality, Know noone else can.

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