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Felipe's 3 examples of subliminals
(and a small Coke's addition by Bomber Monkey)

25 November 1998

Here I send you 3 examples of subliminals, I expect to help your lifes and to help to "disenslave" you . Please notice that the first one is just information I collected on internet, but the other two were discovered through my own observation..

1-Windows' logo subliminals

The Dark Horse
The one that most people can see right off the bat is the silhouette of a dark horse rearing up on the left side of the Windows 95 logo. If you have the Plus pack CD-ROM, you'll find this image on that disc as a file called LOGO.SYS (which, despite its name, is simply a bitmapped image that can be loaded and viewed in Paint. Set the horizontal scale to 170% for a proper aspect ratio.); otherwise, simply restart Windows 95 to view the title screen. As further evidence of the horse's existence, a completely different image of a galloping horse appears in approximately the same position on the Win95.bmp image (its tail and rear leg are at the left edge of the screen; its head is inside the blue rectangle). Coincidence? I think not. The meaning(s) of this image are open to interpretation, but the powerful image of a stallion, the phrase "dark horse" and other studly associations are all well-known symbols.

While you're looking at the Win95.bmp image, it's worth noting that there appears to be a large, dark bird with outstretched wings above and to the right of the logo. Flying and freedom, we presume, are the messages here. Or is that a vulture?

The Rock Hero
On the right side of the logo, there is an image that, in one concise image, manages to conjure up suggestions of the passion and excitement of rock music, death and drugs -- all powerful and typical subliminal images. If you imagine that the upper-right corner of the Windows logo points to the back of a guitarist's neck, you can see that the guitarist has curly hair, a mustache, a clearly visible frilly collar, and is playing with his head back and his elbow at approximately the area where the green and the yellow rectangles meet. With a little more effort, it's not hard to imagine that this afro-haired, mustachioed guitar hero could be none other than Seattle-area rock legend, Jimi Hendrix. The fact that he's a local (dead) hero only adds to the plausibility of the rock-hero-tribute theory. Or could "rocking" and "horse" be related?

Subliminal Sex
Not convinced about that one, eh? Well, if you're not so sure that the Microsoft folks would put a tribute to a local success story in their code, may we direct your attention to the image of a well-known logo on the coffee cup in the animated icon file "SBUX.ANI"). The largest hidden image is the most obvious and potent symbol of the bunch. Like all good subliminal messages (especially those that have already been shown to contain references to power, drugs and rock and roll), this one is about SEX. Look above the Win95 logo and imagine that the blue area behind it is the left profile of a man's head. Above the upper-left corner of the logo is the man's cheek and eye, defined by a dark area about an inch above the upper-left corner of the logo. Just to the right of the white bump in the clouds would, of course, be the point where the forehead and nose meet. His forehead and hair are defined by the white clouds at the very top of the screen. At the top-center of the screen is his sideburn, and to the right of that, his ear. His chin, therefore, would be at about the point on-screen between the large red rectangle and the two smaller ones. Naturally, this male figure is poised in a classic missionary position over the figure of a female figure, her head back (her neck extends from the bottom-left of the logo through the letter "s" of "Microsoft"). She appears to be laying on a pillow, her "Princess Leia" hair defined by the white area at the center of the left edge of the screen. The bridge of her nose, therefore, is seen from above and to the right of her head; the bottom of her chin is approximately where the black dots between the blue and the red areas of the logo are. That would make the large bump on the right side of the logo her...well, you figure it out.
The wallpaper file, CLOUDS.BMP has an even more obvious female image with the light area just above the center of the screen showing a blonde woman with puckered lips pressed directly up against those of a -- omigod! -- a black man! Hmmm. Do you detect a striking resemblance to...? Naw, it couldn't be. Could it?
There's another obvious face in CLOUDS.BMP, too. Look just to the right of center-screen and you'll see a man's face, with the eyes and nose in heavy shadow. If you can't see it, try reducing the brightness and/or upping the contrast of your screen.

2- SPEED 2 Incentivating sex with children (I donīt know the exact name in English)

You must be questioning yourselfs why the hack they would do it. I donīt know, but Iīm sure they did it.

First of all there is the mute girl that comunicates with the good guy and shows interest on him. After that she appears on scenes showing too much of their body, for a girl (Iīm sorry that I could watch the movie only once, so I cant remember the scenes very well, but I remember that there was one in the elevator). And after that all, Sandra Bullock (I think that was her) is watching Lolita in her T.V set. Could you feel the conections? Isnīt it strange?

I would really like if specialist could explain me why they did that.

3-Tv companies using our reflexes against us

Have you ever noticed that when someone yawns, you feel like yawning? This happens because of what is called motorized empathy, an involuntary movement that we do, copying others people movements, just like baby smile as we do.
This same principle is used by t.v. companies. You knows that programs when you hear laughs after each stupid joke?
They do that, because it provocates motorized empathy too. What makes us feels like laughing, because only listening to the voice activates our brains. The recent Nobel prize Dario Fo, an italian comic/political (very clever) actor, had (and has :-) an extraordinary capacity for "passing" a laugh to his audience. Anyone that has seen his incredible (reversing spectacle) 'Mistero Buffo' will remember this... you just cannot avoid to laugh when somebody more or less in philosofical sintony with you (like Dario fo with us and the TV-Sitcom with the zombies :-) 'passes' us a laugh...


Coke's Ice cubes

The new machines that vend exclusively Coca-Cola products depict a sexy can of Coke sitting in a bed of ice, in the most erotic way possible. And I am not joking. Look at the pieces of ice on the can. On a glance, you see something odd about them: on a wet, red can, the ice is white. They should be red. Look closer. The ice on top of the can strongly resembles a voluptous woman, with her hair dangling over the rim. The one to the left of the "ca" in "Coca" looks like a topless woman in jeans with a belt covering her breasts with her arms. To the right of the "ol" in "Cola" another piece resembles a couple making out. The piece to the right of the "a" looks like a mother with her child, the piece above and to the right of that looks like a Arnie. Above the "a" another piece of ice seems to resemble a comtented man sitting on the ground (most likely on a grassy hilltop). The piece on the swirl to the right of Coca resembles a revolver. The ice itself contains subtle suggestions, although they are too subtle to identify individually. The point of this: subconsciously, these will be noticed, and Coke probably hopes that it will associate its product with these images, carefully chosen so that at least one image will appeal to everyone. Or maybe its just me. BOMBER MONKEY
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