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Surrseal5's famous hints
[Here I did provoke, lure and troll him a little :-) ]

> Dear Surreal5,
> why don't you tackle the 'tasks' outlined in my last lesson, 
> we could integrate them there... I mean the "Märklin loks" 
> and the remaining queries... A good searcher should be able 
> to turn these things out like gloves... 
>     					~S~ fravia+

ok... ok... i asked for it ;)
>the butterflies of the Orinoco-river,

keywords: butterflies & orinoco

ignoring travel guides and after one noise hit, all biology link pages
(wow! there are crocodiles called orinoco...) 

>The aim of this study is thus to
     produce some taxonomic and behavioural data on the butterflies
     inhabiting a significant transect of the Orinoco river system.

aha, the Orinoco river is in Venezuela... wow! it pretty much IS Venezuela
:) i must have slept through that geography lesson...  

keywords: butterflies & venezuela

ignoring more travel guides, and some entomologist CV's...

[2 - 4 minutes] -> 2) Andrew Neild's Neotropical Butterfly Site 
(The butterflies of Venezuela)

+ after checking out a few link pages in the same results list.


The last 3 - 5 minutes were spent looking for more, until i decided the
time it was taking didn't stand in relation to the general subject of the
search. Hits were getting too specific. Searches were getting too
specific... That's the point you should ask yourself, "Do i really need to
know this ?" Just like you ignore the hits that are too general, you should
ignore the hits (and searches) that are too specific for the subjects
search type. (Nymphalidae/Limenitidinae/ Apaturinae/Charaxinae & Venezuela
for example)

10 minutes, 2 searches and 3 quality hits... I should have checked these
sites links pages. They're always good for a few more sites.
Usually i bookmark pages and go back later to look at links. 
>german poets of the XVI century, 
both infoseek keywords: "german, poet and renaissance" (2nd hit) or
sentence: german poets of the 16th century (1st hit) lead to:

[1 min] 1) 
the encyclopedia britannica 
It's as good a site as any to find info on the poets. getting a 7 day
password could be done every 7 days i guess, or you could spend some time
looking for a password... but that's another search altoghether.

a search for "german AND poet AND 15*" in their engine results in the
following keywords:
-> Frischlin, Philipp Nikodemus 
-> humanism
-> Sebastian Brant
-> Celtis, Conradus
-> Sachs, Hans

keywords Hans Sachs > Celtis in infoseek, leads you
to the following page:
one slash deleted and you are on the harvard U. Department of
Germanic Languages and Literatures page. click the german studies links
page, and you'll find this little gem:

[5 - 7 minutes] 2)
in case you want to read some of the poetry ...and know german :)

And this clue to a better alternative to the EB, considering the subject:
Meyers Lexicon Encyclopedia. But the site is messy and links are outdated,
so: altavista adv query: date filter from say 2 months before today, search
string: Meyers Lexcicon

[9 minutes] 3)
3 users max... hmmm... oh well...

There seems to be no site (or at least i didn't find one) that matched  the
subject as theme for the page. Maybe there's a few in the german engines
for those who want to bother...
>old Märklin steam locs, 
a 5 sec phrase search results in some marklin steam loc pics already,
wether they're old i have no idea.
but you want the ultimate guide on old marklin steam locs right ? 

apart from some discussion groups and lists, Keywords Marklin and vintage
only come up with shops. "marklin AND rare" comes up with this nice site
for you tranquil model loc hobby. the model museum...
[2 mins] 1)

keywords, marklin > museum (since "old, vintage, rare" only come up with
stores and trading links.)

[4-6 mins] 2)
the marklin museum, old steam locs galore!!!

keywords marklin > collector > steam produces strangely enough:
[7 minutes] 3)
another museum...

I took old marklin steam locs, as in old models of old locs. there's a lot
more on new models of old locs ...
>silent actresses of the 1920's cinema?
God where do you get these ? ;P

a simple sentence search (cut and paste) leads to:
[5 seconds] 1)
"Damsels in distress, Strong Silent Women Held Hostage in Film Archives"

same search on a link page:
[1 minute] 2)
"silent ladies"

and a link on that page leads to:
[1 min 30 seconds] 3)

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