This is a riddle: find this image on the web, and you'll enjoy the other images :-)
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The correct 'use' of this site will give you remarkable power. After some study (a couple of months, usually... YMMV) you'll be able to find *anything* on the web.
Any image, any film, any software, any music, any solution, any book. *Anything* that has been produced by humans on our planet, in any language, provided it can be digitized, duh...

A good seeker can be a quite dangerous beast, though. Those that do learn how to search, which is what this site is intended to teach, will be able to find on the web -if needs be- ANY KNOWLEDGE, and thus -also- zillions of possible exploits. Innocent ones, milder ones, and *quite* nasty ones as well.

You will learn here how to search, you will have to decide yourself what to search. This site offers raw, free knowledge. As always, sheer power can be used for 'evil' deeds and/or for 'good' deeds (let's leave aside, for now, the rather complex question of what would be 'evil' and what would be 'good' nowadays, just use your own parameters).

Spring in, if you dare! Again, you have been warned: at first you'll only fathom the existence of the abyss, only later you'll understand its real depth and width.