~ An ochre colored "image searching" riddle ~
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(Courtesy of fravia's searchlore.org)

Part of the (famous) essays' series: "Searching an image without knowing its name"

An ochre colored "image searching" riddle Version 0.03

by fravia+        a challenge for seekers, published @ searchlores in Mai 2003

An ochre colored "image searching" riddle

Can you locate/understand/explain this image?

Petit image    There is a (very small) chance that a reader (or two) may ALREADY KNOW what is going on here, and hence will be able to immediately solve the riddle. In this case you may choose to solve another nice riddle.
I doubt that readers will be able to find this specific image on the web elsewhere (yet one never knows on the deep web). So another approach must be used to meet the challenge.
This image is a scanned postcard. From where? Depicting what?
I believe there are enough elements, in the image, to solve this (small) riddle. Provided you know how to search, of course :-)

01/05/2003, 18.30 GMT: Note to self: ditch soi-disant "riddles" when working with seekers: Jeff found the right path in 4 minutes flat :-(

Petit image

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