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Anonykid's "proxy chaining" forms

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Out of the void, at times, some valid contributions arrive. Anonykid did put together, as you will see, a series of quite interesting forms, that you will be able to use for your proxy-navigation pleasure. As I point out elsewhere, there is much to learn, in proxy utilisation, from the people that use programs like Accessdiver, Ares and Goldeneye in order to crack password-protected servers. These 'aficionados' have prepared huge lists of quick proxies, and these programs will allow you to quickly test such proxies. Yet Anonykid is right: webbased anonymizers and proxy are VERY useful, especially when you are stranded on a windoze only webcafe' in the middle of nowhere...

Chainer #1: 
Chainer #2: 
Chainer #3: 
Chainer #4: 
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Extra Chainer(s):
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* If you don't want to use one or any of them, just clear them out

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Automatic SimpleChainer:

Manual SimpleChainer:
(Sort of bogus :^D

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