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Bad netiquette punished
(and why it is NOT a good idea to use someone's else images on your own page)

by fravia+
Updated in May 2005, version .01

Well, well, well.
If you landed here, on bad.htm, you are in for an interesting lesson about "netiquette", id est the DO and DO NOT of the web, that many young wankers nowadays do not respect.
A classical example is the evil and frowned upon usage of someone's else images on your own page, linking to someone's else server instead of using your own.

Here the correct answer to such clowns: sudden substitution of the image they linked to with something they surely wont probably like to have on their page. Note also how this sudden must avoid being "too sudden": give them time to have the image slip down on their ludicrous blogs, and then strike. Haha!

(This is still part of stalking.htm, of course)

Older ones act with severe serendipity
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