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Updated in November 2001
About the image(s) hunt on Giglio's classroom
by Messy Boy, rġnin and OOAA
slightly edited by fravia+
This is a solution for the third classroom
you'll find the first part of the classroom [here] and you'll find the second part of the classroom [here].

Amazing algos for those "members only" at times quite intriguing searches in here :-)  Not for minors either :-)
Take your time and read it thoroughly, then try out for yourself some of the ideas contained within, the results will surprise you.
About the image(s) hunt on Giglio's classroom (those xxx images he urges us to find) a good way of starting (by backstepping) would be this (theoritically): -about the teri diver photo- We know its old..but how old? 80s/90s ? hint: check out teris bio.. -its for sure an oldie- its not easy to find free oldie pics on the web, especially that one that is not hardcore and few people would have it online (i guess).. hint: check out usened for redheads + oldies OR 80s according to what you get from the bio.. -she is tied- that is called bondage (just in case you dont know) hint: search in usenet for teri diver OR redhead AND bondage pics.. all the above hints are just theory..but they could help i think. I dont have the time to do the search now..ill tell u my findings end september along with my essay:). QUERY : +"Teri Diver" +bondage
A little of on-the-fly evaluation, and we arrive here :

Adapted from the video featuring Alexis Payne, Teri Diver, Isis Nile & Pamela Dee." Fine. $12.00

Produced By: London.
Year: 1994
Time: 59 Min.
Starring: Alexis Payne (Non Sex), Isis Nile (Non Sex), Pamela Dee (Non Sex), Teri Diver (Non Sex).

Could be an interesting signal no ? Someone gots this videotape ? :)
Note that terry did a lot of films ...
_did_ :

Date of death (details) : 2 January 2001. (accidental drug overdose)
Sometimes Credited As: Terry Diver (as Giglio did it, look the [c_third.htm] essay)

The SE are overbloated with smut sites when asking for teri diver ("terry diver" gives less results ... easier to evaluate). Seems to be a common keyword to fish the sex seekers. Not easy to cut this crap to seek our image.

Hmmm ... looking again at the teridive.htm .. source code ?
Commented href :
A hint:


Hmmm, that's an interesting hint isn't it ? :)

BD could stand for BonDage. CK ?
Seems to be a serie.

Let's find an access to Hogtied. Giglio says that it'd be easy to hack. SO, even if i don't do it myself, i can find fastly some valid l/p using main SE :

http://www.hogtied.com/members L:340cuda P:barracud
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:bdkrout P:spankher
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:carver P:shoshin
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:fbcony P:33370865
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:fc3148 P:3148fc
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:gmorker P:ismaelit
http://www.hogtied.com/members/ L:krisad P:kadkad

fc3148/3148fc works for me (not for a long time ;)

The picture isn't in the news section anymore. I tried to find it in the archive (grmmmm ...). Nothing valuable, some ropes, some spanks; bondage stuff.

Note that there is an access to some newsgroups here. Let's lurk a little :)
Ok, enough ! :)

So .. it's not located at hogtied anymore. Where can i find that ckbd6351.jpg pix. Maybe searching for ckbdxxxx.jpg if it's a part of a serie :

Some regulars to look for are "kinky" and "BD_Booger" who uploads a set of 20 pix every day - his label - ckbd****.jpg

Ah !

links to Bunyip's Dungeon ** Lots of high-res Pjw, ckbd and mkptr scans.

Are we near to our target ? 404 ! He moved ?
Google : Bunyip's Dungeon

Master Bunyip's Home
WELCOME. Dungeon Of Master Bunyip. WARNING !!! By entering,
you agree that: You seek solely fantasy ...

We're pushed to
And now ?
Visit some of my friends and me, on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). We can be found on Dalnet, in the channels #bondagemovies - #BondageTheater or #bondagepixs.

That's an interesting possibility. If all fail.
No SE. Only a PICS link. Need to explore all that stuff page by page.
I don't see the ckbd serie ... a dead end ?

Let's look somewhere else.

423 results.
A template :
ABPEB: 20 New Bondage Scans from CKGraphex Set # 224 (see ...
BEGIN --- CUT HERE --- Cut Here --- cut here --- ckbd5164.jpg begin 644 ckbd5164.jpg <encoded_portion_removed>
end END --- CUT HERE --- Cut Here --- cut here --- ckbd5164.jpg
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage - 07 Jan 1998 by BDBooger@Ass.net

But, again, no 6351.
Anyway, we know now that BDBooger, Kinky, and CKGraphex are the keywords to reach the CKBD scan series.

Some of 'em

Terry, where are you ? :)
I fed lots of SE (Local, Regional, Main) with CKBD / CKGraphex / BDBooger. Used the scrolls. No results. So, located in the Hidden Web ( adult pay DB ) or in the non-indexed part (gallery TGP)? Finding it by requesting on usenet or IRC could be the easier solution, we know the serie and the number.

On the hidden web path, here is something that can be bypass to see if our target is behind :

1st May
The KastleArchives May update is now available to our members, and is without doubt our largest update so far! We've added 89 of SilentKnight's famous BDSM/Fantasy Scenario Manipulations, a collection of Other Artists Celebrity Manipulations, Guest Features from Archives BBS and Ridley, and a special feature. We've added over 1,200 images from the CKBD series. This is something new for KastleArchives, and we would dearly like to know whether this size & style of update is appealing to you, or whether you would prefer we concentrate on a larger number of guest galleries but with a smaller quantity of individual images.


That's all for now, have a good hunt :)

messy boy

My compliments messy boy! Quite an impressive search algorithm! ;)

[hm... and a lil *dangerous* too, to follow it ...my kids can
crash in the room any second... i better stick 2 my
ebook-projects ;) but well done
    Pinup girls is really a 'specific' part of erotic pictures. The community build around that subject are nostalgics, historians, art lovers. No need to fight against tons of JScript traps, usenet spammers, fishing keywords ..


    Let's try to lure in the bookmarks of fifties pinup lover.
    Isn't +F one of these ? :)
    Don't you remember the private.htm page : "fravia's private links" ?

    __Pinups and pulp covers__
    Well, these are the real fifties

    The pulp zone (uses this same paper)
    .pulp (now "The pulp net")
    Atomic books pinups
    Paperback Cover Art Illustrators
    Jaap van Deijk 's

    The jaap site is a list of links. Let's use it as a BACKTRACK starting point.

    We found 109 results

    +link:http://www.cybercomm.nl/~vandeijk/eaindex/eaindex.htm +pinup
    We found 29 results

    ----- Warning, zen noze to follow now ;)

    Clicking here and there ... following some links ... luring ...

    I choosed at last to follow this compact map :

    To land there ( i choosed thepinupfiles.com too, but it's for later):

    Welcome to the Pin-Up Page, a web site devoted to the pin-up girls of
    the 1940's and 50's. There's none of that gratuitous rubbish from the 60's onwards, merely the artistic masterpieces of the golden age of "girlie Mags".

    Some galleries and major authors of that period : "Hairs, eyes, position and smile: We are in the fifties, ah, but where exactly?"

    Time to feed my eyes ;)

    I think the Mysterious Pinup style is really similar to the Gil Evgren's one. My humble newbie opinion :p

    Maybe not only mine :
    "Gil Evgren"

    fravia's famous little gifs
    "tools.htm - generic for all tool pages, self-ironic :-) - One of Gil Evgren's most famous pinups, 1945"


    +link:http://freespace.virgin.net/b.mercer/ +1950s
    We found 13 results

    Gifpile      Graphics - 1800 to 1950

    Then go to : http://scandolls.com/

    myspinup definitely looks like the ones of Evgren ...

    Where to find more ? As i said earlier, there is a huge archive site at :
    www.thepinupfiles.com. With a Search Engine :)

    Looking at the Evgren's galleries (4 ones). No sign of our reading girl.
    No results with the atomz search engine too.
    There are too much galleries to look at. I tried a few of them, but decided it was a dead-end.


    One of the links appearing in the earlier resultz was the DMOZ directory :

    Lets lurk again :)

    This page is heavily under construction. Material is added weekly but the goal is set high so please be patient and check back often.
    The main purpose of this site is to make available a large selection of pin-up paintings mainly from the 40's, 50's and 60's to studies in art, feministic theory etc.

    And, and and ? :)


    Bingo !! :) Better quality than the myspinup ;)
    So, our author is : Edward D'Ancona

    Back to the pinupfiles.com : IT WAS THERE ! i missed it !
    damn noze ;)


    Although D'Ancona was a prolific pin-up artist who produced hundreds of enjoyable images, almost nothing is known about his background. He sometimes signed his paintings with the name "D'Amarie", but his real name appears on numerous calendar prints published from the mid 1930s through the mid 1950s, and
    perhaps as late as 1960.
    The first company to publish D'Ancona pin-ups, about 1935 to 1937, was Louis F. Dow in St Paul. D'Ancona worked in oil on canvas and his originals from that time usually measured about 30 x 22 inches. His early work is comparable in quality to that of the young Gil Elvgren, who had begun to work for Dow in 1937. Because D'Ancona produced so much work for Dow, one might assume that he was born in Minnesota and lived and worked in the St Paul, Minneapolis area. It is known that he supplied illustrations to the Goes Company in Cincinnati and to several soft-drink firms, which capitalized on his works similarity to the Sundblom/Elvgren style, which was so identified with Coca-Cola.
    During the 1940s and 1950s, D'Ancona superb use of primary colours, masterful brushstrokes, and painterly style elevated him to the ranks of the very best artist in pin-up and glamour art. His subject matter at this time resembled Elvgren's. Both enjoyed painting nudes and both employed situation poses a great deal. D'Ancona also painted a fair amount of evening-gown scenes, as did Elvgren, Frahm and Erbit.
    By 1960, D'Ancona had moved into the calendar art field. Instead of doing pin-ups and glamour images, however, he specialized in pictures on the theme of safety in which wholesome policemen helped children across the street in suburban settings that came straight out of Norman Rockwell.
    Biography borrowed and adapted from The Great American
    Pin-Up by Charles G. Martignette and Louis K. Meisel.

    woop woop, i was right :)
    Note that the title is unknowed, that's why the research inside the atomz SE gave nothing. It is indeed a mysterious pin-up girl :)

    No special 'trick' to resolve that hunt. A little of combing, always keeping the target in mind and a lot of zen noze.

    ----- Side Findings

    The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund,
    presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements
    printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Ad*Access concentrates on five main subject areas: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II,providing a coherent view of a number of major campaigns and companies through images preserved in one particular advertising collection available at Duke University.

    British Posters of World War One
    from the Roger N. Mohovich Collection

    etc... look at the Gifpile for other gems :)


    GREAT job/work/ ronin! :)

    I was very cryptic below in my post "though Im finding pics that i like far better in the 50's :) " ... but the private betty type pages were the clues i was leaving below :) :)

    very very good!!!!!!!
    Hiya messy boy (shame on u :)

    u know I read long ago at fravias... you can find any dang password you want for porn sites (I really wasn't interested much in it--- wife and child always around anyway--and that kind of search can get you looking over your shoulder all the time) ... but as a searcher/seeker/ I knew that one day I'd have to come (no pun intended) back to that section and give it a shot (arggggg; this can begin to sound nasty with each sentence)

    when I put a few hours into the teri/terry/ diver search and still hadn't found her i abandoned it for other things i wanted to do...

    but one of the things I had tried to do that day was to force google to give me user-pass strings in a search... I was very unsecessful...I'm realizing in the last few days after more study that alot of it was my trying to force feed google to give me returns after a "?" query ... but mostly it was simply an incorrect query and I was getting exactly what I was requesting...

    until i read your posting... fravia+ has always said its easy -- Giglio said it was "fairly easy" and You breezed right in and made a list of login and pass also for hogtied... what the hay?

    I hit upon the key today thanks to you... yep you sure can Absolutely find username and pass for any danged site out there ... i was amazed

    the key is 'member' or /members/ [in Most cases at least]... in any case google lists peoples usernameid and passwords in its search returns for: whateverdomainename.com/members/





    ... and while scanning the pages for userpass or, blahblah:blah@www
    you see many more sites with user and pass as a extra treat.

    ...it even returns pages like this:

    and this:
    (which gave me a domaine list [even when the userpasses didn't work)

    google images can be used also... though in most cases it throws you into asking for pages 'that contain'

    I tried half a dozen other domainsites.com/members/ and they all brought up user passes in a google search... no force feeding required...

    thanks messy boy, i wasn't sure how you got those passes but you showed me their had to be a way... :) ... now at least if teri is secreted inside a pass protected place I may be able to uncover her now... when i get time... I'm watching a movie right now... dam these things are short... hold on, Monique wants to chat with me ... :) :)

    ok but seriously now I can move on having put this mystery behind me.

let's hope you tried to solve by yourself BEFORE reading the above...

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