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You can already use the following (and - of course - anything else "about proxies" that you'll find on my site as well) but, as per March 2000, this is still a complete and unorganised mess that I intend to re-order asap.
In the mean time either you go and study some other lore or you read this and try to see what you can do - all alone on yourself - with the following knowledge snippets... eheh

[Comparing proxies]

This below is propaganda found on the cloack site, I would like to have your feedback on these assumptions.

Encryption Cookies1 Configurable TREA2 Pages intact 3 https:// proxy4 FTP proxy
the Cloak YES YES YES no YES YES YES no YES partial 5 YES no no no no no 6 no 6 no no no no YES no no no no no YES no no no no YES no YES no6 YES partial7 no no no no
anonymouse 8 no no no no no no no

1 Cookies are small tags of information that a web site sets in your browser. If your anonymous proxy does not support cookies, it cannot be used to access services like YAHOO mail..
2 TREA: Target Revocable Email Address - A spam suppression device by which the anonymous browsing service sets up email forwarding for you, and can automatically fill in your forwarding address when you sign up with web sites. You can get the same effect with a service that does not support TREA by obtaining a web-mail account from a site like Yahoo and using that when you sign up at web sites. The main advantage of TREA is that it saves you the trouble of remembering login names and passwords.
3 Some services place a banner or control panel at the top of every page. This can be annoying, especially for small pages or frames. The Cloak uses a separate mini-page for the control panel.
4 The Cloak allows proxying of secure (https/SSL) web pages if you disable the "Nullify https URLs" button on the Control Panel. This causes the Cloak to decrypt pages from a secure site, and then re-encrypt them if you are using the Cloak in encrypted mode. HOWEVER you should be aware of some caveats: (1) This somewhat defeats the purpose of using https/SSL - you are allowing the Cloak to look inside supposedly encrypted communications between you and a secure site; (2) https/SSL forwarding does not include site certificate verification. Therefore you should use this feature with care, and not rely on it for crucial things like important financial data. In fact, you shouldn't rely on the Cloak at all for crucial data.
5 proxymate allows only javascript and HTTP header filtration.
6 Available only through through the proxy's pay service; not available for free.
7 Only Cookies and Javascript filtering available.
8 seems to have buggy html filtering

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