Why you shouldn't use Internet Explorer

Today, Win98 comes with Internet Explorer 5 bundled in. Statistics tell us over 60% of people on the 'net use some form of IE over 40% of Netscape. (We are going to be introduced to Win 2000 soon, which I suspect will be even worse, but let's go back to IE). Here i will TRY to tell you WHY its not a good idea to use IE and that you are MUCH better off using Netscape (as in one of the lesser evils).

1. First of all, IE is made by Micro$oft. This fact by itself should be enough to scare you into NEVER EVER using IE again, but if NOT, then please read on...

2. Second, IE is embedded so deep inside Windoze, it will take a blow torch to pry it out and you STILL will never succeed fully. Ol' Bill made sure IE is an essential part of Windoze that it used cross referencing the most importiant Windoze files. You will find IE records data of your activities into the following folders(and this is NOT a complete list):
  • C:\Windows\History,
  • C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
  • C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Cache
  • C:\Windows\Cookies
  • C:\Windows\Web that contains a file named ftp htt which when looked at with an HeX editor said proudly on top: This file generated authomatically by internet Explorer

    Microsoft's IE also maintains a minimum of 12 user activity databases. These files are known as either MM256.DAT, MM2048.DAT and Index.dat files. One of each is kept in ALL of the above listed folders- the History, cookies (hidden completely), and in each of your four cache folders (also hidden). The cookies and cache folders are not the only records MSIE keeps on your internet activities. Additionally, if you use MSIE's mail and news, everything you read and see is also recorded in other databases within MSIE. A good deal of information is also stored in the registry where your file system cannot get at it. So you will have to think about and cleaning all that information, including the databases and the information in the registry.

    3. Third, when I tried cleaning All those folders and files I ran into problems. C:\Windows\History folder. No luck. No matter what i did it STILL had ALL the URL in "today" file.

    Yes, Windows Washer WAS supposed to have cleaned ALL those files and folders. Unfrotunatly, it didnt. I ran Dir Snoop aftr it and looked at C:\Windows\History, and To my surprise, all the info was STLL there I ran Windwos Washer again, with the SAME exact results.

    to get rid of index.dat that IE creates. I have IE set to use a different drive partition (137MB) for cache folder and then I just format it and BCWipe it every night. Remember that the most problematic aspect of IE cache is that it is resident inside IE global memory space and available for download and retention by any site that you visit so maybe you should set the timer on window washer and to wipe the cache at regular intervals
    If you Do NOT believe me, then run the same tests I did and compare the results. I HOPE THAT will change your mind. No, Netscae is NOT uch better, but at least its lesser than 2 evils, so I would choose it ANYDAY over IE.

    As usual, any ideas, suggestions, additions, corrections are welcome.