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You can restrict searches to certain portions of web documents by using Inktomi Search field syntax. This allows you to search for web pages' titles, urls, embedded hypertext links, and any additional information defined with an HTML meta tag. The field name should be in lower case, and immediately followed by a colon. There should be no spaces after the colon and before the search terms.

Matches pages that contain at least one link to a page with in its URL. For example, you can use to see how many external links point to the Inktomi Corporation website. Some search engines call this feature "searching backwards".
Finds pages on the web site The site field search examines the "site" part of the URL only. Therefore, will find such sites as, and, but won't match any site that ends in You can use the site field search to bring up all pages at a particular web site.

Finds pages with the word bar anywhere in the page's URL. For example:
You can also use the url field selection to find out the exact number of pages currently in the database. Just type url:http. This number updated as pages are added and removed from our database.

title:"The New York Times"
Finds pages with the phrase "The New York Times" in the title portion of the document.

Finds pages with an HTML meta tag with name likes and with content containing chocolate. For example:

<meta name="likes" content="beer chocolate movies long walks">
This is an example of a field defined by an HTML meta tag. There is nothing special about the word likes. Any search field can be defined with a meta tag, as long as the name of the field is a single word made from all small letters.



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