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First strike on McDonald
A look into marketing propaganda
by rõnin
Tale of a hunting wolf 
by Telmor
slightly edited by fravia+
About time somebody would begin gathering useful pointers... it is well known that eating at McDonald is tantamount to 'reverse shitting', and now any reader and seeker will be able to see why... there is even an 'antivomitory' section at the bottom of rõnin's contribution, yurk!
As you'll soon realize, some of the hints given by both Authors (especially telmor) are not easy to follow. But searching power and knowledge awaits reality crackers that will delve into these small essays...

"In the mid 80's, McDonald's® began cooking both sides of the meat at the same time, This was to cut cooking time in half. But it also forever changed the flavor of the orginal hamburgers"

First strike on McDonald
A look into marketing propaganda
By rõnin

July, 2001

First strike on McDonald 
okay, after that first failure, another try :)

Who hate McDonald, and claim it on the web ?
Mc Spotlight
The biggest, loudest, most red, most
read Anti-McDonald's extravaganza the world has ever seen. Anything
you could possibly want to know about McDonald's or McLibel nestles
somewhere in our 21,000 files. Don't get us wrong, though, we're not
telling you to give up your Big Macs. We just provide the info for you to judge for yourself.

120Mo of information :)
A SE for our purpose :


Okay, now, this is a first strike :
McDonald's official book of information about themselves, "provides a detailed insight into every aspect of the company"

This is old stuff, maybe we can find a newer one. Anyway it'd be a great start for McDonald Hunters
Lists every ingredient in every menu item - includes E-numbers, plus the revised table of nutrition analysis.
Revised June 1995

WARNING - the information on this page is company propaganda, produced to persuade you to buy more of McDonald's products. Parts of it may be deliberately misleading.

Hehehe :)
So, this is propaganda ? "produced to persuade you to buy more of McDonald's products" ?

Let's use the Maxine+ essays on the Dangerous Food Additives (1 and 2)

Found in the list :

E110 Sunset Yellow IN Strawberry milkshake (again, the strawberry field ;)
- a synthetic colourant, which can provoke allergic reactions and hyperactivity; and increased incidence of tumours in animals; banned in Norway.

E123 Amaranth IN Strawberry and chocolate milkshakes
- a synthetic colourant, which can provoke asthma, eczema and hyperactivity; it caused birth defects and foetal deaths in some animal tests, possibly also cancer; banned in the USA, Russia and at least 5 other countries.

E250 Sodium Nitrite IN Canadian style bacon, pizza pepperoni, Julienne ham slices.
- preservatives and colour fixatives, which may provoke hyperactivity and other adverse reactions; potentially carcinogenic; their use is severely restricted in many countries. Nitrates and nitrites are preservatives that also add colour and flavour, and are common in preserved meats such as salami.

E407 Carrageenan IN Birthday cake, all milkshakes. (happy birthday kids)
- stabiliser and thickening agent; linked to toxic hazards, including ulcers and cancer; the most serious concerns relate to degraded carrageenan, which is not a permitted additive. However, native carrageenan, which is used, may become degraded in the gut.

E420 Sorbitol IN Birthday cake
Polyols being used in foods in the U.S. are erythritol, hydrogenated starch hydrolysates (including maltitol syrups),
isomalt, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol and xylitol. (look them up
For the vast majority of consumers, polyols do not cause any problem. In some people, excessive consumption may cause
gastrointestinal symptoms, including laxative effects, similar to reactions to beans and certain high-fiber foods.
Such symptoms are dependent upon an individual’s sensitivity and the other foods eaten along with the polyol-containing

Do not forget that it was written in 1995 ... maybe they have changed .......


For the anti-vomitory hunt, there are some path :
Modern uses: The plant yields Peppermint Oil, which contains menthol. It is anti-spasmodic, relieving pains in the alimentary canal. The dosage is one to three drops on sugar. Mint removes nausea and flatulence and allays vorniting.

Some medecines used for prevention of vomiting :

I need to collect the molecules used in these one, and cross that with the nutrition info page.
The odonsetron seems to be sell for not-pharma use (louder signal ?)
Kessler Chemical is a respected supplier of specialty, organic intermediates,and solvents, with a commitment to value-added service. This means that Kessler Chemical emphasizes the "custom" in customer service, by finding ways to go beyond simply delivering chemicals to you.

I'm not hoping too much to find that info on the web (see gs post) ...
I'll ask to some employees too ;)

2001 ~ (c) rõnin

Telmor's tale of a hunting wolf 

google : "how to search".  
Results 1 - 10 of about 118,000,000
google : "how to hunt"
Results 1 - 10 of about 3,190,000.


It was seven o'clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee hills when Father Wolf woke up from his day's rest,
scratched himself, yawned, and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling in their tips.

Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book)


So, we're out for a hunt ? What's the beast ?
Ronald ... ermm

That's a huge corp. Not an easy prey.
The advise from gs is more than true :
"You were not really expecting that our enemies would put their stuff online - and even wit the same words, did you ?"

We need to find WHO they are, WHERE they live, HOW they communicate (how they reproduce ? :p).

Those who hunt deer sometimes raise tigers.
- Indian Proverb

A huge 'herd' is not easy to coordinate. Their masters surely can't keep all their secrets :>
There must be a sicked member ! Somewhere in the edge. He'd be usefull to question him about their organisation.

Querying google : +mcdonald +network +intranet

It's not fresh, but there are prints in the ground :


Tremor : Hi Jon Parlow. Tell me who you are
Parlow : it's a pleasure for me to spend this time with you. We haven't had an opportunity to spend much one on one time together.
I started my career with McDonald's as a Regional Controller. I have an accountanting degree/CPA. After doing the controller job for
about 5 years I was approached with the idea of moving over to the operations side of McDonald's.

Tremor : So, you have some knowledge concerning your herd ?
Parlow: I started out my operation adventure a manager trainee. I progress through all of the manager positions up
to restaurant manager in 1 year. Then I was promoted to Operations Consultant overseeing 5 McOpcoowned restaurants.
I progress to a Business Consultant in about 18 months. In that position I was responsible for consultanting with
owner/ operator restaurant McDonald's. After another 18 months or so I moved into a department head position "Operations
Manager". I was responsible for 20 McOpco operated McDonald's. I did that job for 3 years. Today I'm the Michigan Regions
Franchising Manager.

Tremor : how great ... so, tell me what kind of technology you use.
Parlow: I definitely was into the ISP processors in the restaurants. I was amazed about all the store data that could be retrieved from
the ISP. The Restaurant ISP is a restaurant computer system for reviewing and receiving restaurant data. The ISP is one of
the important tools in maximizing restaurant performance in all areas (sales, profits, people, etc.)

Restaurant data includes:

1. Sales results (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Day part (breakfast, Lunch or evening), and etc.
2. Product Mix report tells management what is selling and unit movement.
3. Service Time information

Stores data:

1. Personnel Information
2. Inventory Management
3. Employee development Data


1. Managers communicate with open another through messenger system.
2. Corporate communication to restaurants.
3. Food orders are created and transmitted to food distribution center.

Tremor : you must be good in data processing !
Parlow : Oh no ! I suck ! I didn’t take any in-depth computer classes in college. I picked up my computer skills
from pecking around. I learned some basic Word Perfect and lotus back then for different class assignments in
college. Throughout my working career I've picked up some additional skills like Word, Excel, Power Point and
lotus notes. Whenever I get the time I would like to enhance my computer knowledge. I have also thought about going
back to school for a MBA.

Tremor : i see ... and for the 'networking' part ? how does it work ?
Parlow : I have remote access to get into McDonald's network when I'm on the road or at home. My Nextel
phone gets a lot of minutes. A lot of my communications are given and received through the voice mail system.
I do utilize email for communications also. The Email system is excellent when I have forms to forward or
receiving documents. The McDonald's Intranet ARCHIE gets a lot of attention from me too. The Intranet provides
me with updated information on potential candidates looking to buy restaurants, updated information on licensing
requirements and much more.

Tremor : Archie. I think i've got all i needed from you.
Parlow : Please, lemme go !

Tremor : I don't eat old sicked prey. leave !


Seems we are on a good track. We've learn some valuable information !
So, they have an intranet. Let's see if we can find other tips with the foreigner that collaborate with them's/Reports/Inter-Intranetsecurity/sld014.htm
McDonald’s Intranet Security Checklist cont.

o Set up intranet so that employees will only have read capabilities for internal documents.
o Non-employees given access through corporate dial-in methods
o Have you secured your dial-in access
o Have you addressed physical security issues

Looks like a slide. Tracking back !'s/Reports/Inter-Intranetsecurity/
Directory Listing Denied's/Reports/
Directory Listing Denied

GRRRR, one more time and :'s/
CICS Reports to McDonald's Corporation ( from 05/23/97 to 6/14/99 )

ahah ! an old den ! We can feed up our hungry brain with these reports.
They are provided by The Ball State University's Center for Information
and Communication Sciences to the McD corp.
Dr. Robert Yadon
Since his arrival at Ball State, Dr. Yadon has been involved with the early development of the Center,
including primary responsibility for funding of the Applied Research Institute. His work includes the
development of the networked, interactive Kiosk system. He regularly consults with AT&T Bell Labs, U.S. West
Advanced Technologies, Ameritech, McDonald's Corporation and GTE Labs. Prior to joining the NAB, Dr. Yadon
was a member of faculty at Michigan State University and the University of Oklahoma.

It's an old print, i wonder if Ronald fired him in 1999 ...


Let's see if there are tracks starting from that node :

Querying RagingSearch : +link:'s/
We found 2 results:

One useless map, and that interesting one :
McResearch Resources
They are linked to the CICS from here. Their contact : Dick Bellaver (
Welcome to Enterprise Architecture
Contents © McD 2001

It smells like fresh meal ! :>
Some areas of this site are protected. If you attempt to access those areas without an assigned
ID and Password you'll get some sort of error.

Please follow the access instructions for the specific area you are attempting to access.

ID's and Passwords, are supplied only to employees of the Corporation or authorized agents

oh yeah ... it smells Ronald :D

I let that cave aside. I know the path now :>
Let's look around.
Howl under the m**n


By using the pages in this site, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, you should not use this site.

Material from http://intranet/corp and any McDonald's Intranet Web site owned, operated, licensed, or
controlled by McDonald's Corporation or any of its related, affiliated, or subsidiary companies (together, "McDonald's")
may not be copied or distributed, or republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way, without
the prior written consent of McDonald's EXCEPT: you may download one copy of the material on one computer for your
personal, non-commercial home use only, provided you do not delete or change any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary
notices. (...)

Looks like an intranet disclaimer no ? :>

ahaha, just for fun, read the TRADEMARK INFORMATION
some funny one : Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepickles onionsonasesameseedbun You Deserve A Break Today,
You, You're The One, What's on Your Plate, The House That Love Built Design, Lift Kids To A Better Tomorrow (omg...)
Immunize for Healthy Lives, McWorld, Hey, it Could Happen, Did Somebody Say McDonald's?, When the U.S. Wins You Win,
Black History Makers Of Tomorrow, McDonald's Means Opportunities, Let's Get Growing America, You, Me and Ecology.

now, i've got no more remorse :/

"SOMETIMES A SCREAMMMMM IS BETTER THAN A THESIS." Seems to be a web develloper/designer or something like that.
"Home1/Portfolio/Clients/" : should be the directory he uses for his client
Index of /Home1/Portfolio/Clients/

That's it, we've got IBM, Heineken (remembered me that i need to drink in the beer river), the Arch (McD intranet)
and others ... We can naviguate through his directories for other tresories :>
As an example : /Home1/ ? hum, there should be a /Home2/ so :
Index of /Home2/html

oh yeah :) Blah ... stop playing, back to our sucking Arch
After a fast exploration, i've concluded that the entry point to the site (deep use of flash) was there :
and that the main part was here :


Now, it's time to explore all that shit :>
But, for now, i need some sleep ...

Close your eyes, close your mind, and dance in the moonlight

2001 ~ (c) Telmor

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